Topwater fishing

TopWater Fishing

Fishing is all about finding a healthy catch. It can also be one of your healthy habits, helping you find some time out from you busy schedule and regain composure. For many, it is the modern day Yoga!

For over the years anglers are exercising different types of fishing methods to get the most catches, as manipulating the fish is not a straightforward act. Above all routines, the top water fishing is ranked among the top techniques to get the job done in a professional manner. Apart from the fact that this course of action adds a good amount of number to the catches it also tally’s fun and challenge to the schedule.     

  • The Different Lures that are available

Top water lures are available in all sizes and shapes. Most of the top water lures have the tendency to float while others sink.

Some lures are made up of hard plastic and are stocked with treble hooks. Treble hooks increase your chances to get a catch as they lock the target as soon as it hits. While on the other hand some are made by solid rubber, soft hollow plastic, metal wire etc.

Chuggers are the floating lures. On the front, you get an intended bowl shape while in the mouth the line gets attached. They are among the slowest moving top water lures available.

Walkers are also one of the floating lures, they have a long skinny shape and are equipped with treble hooks. Soft rubber frogs are very popular when bass fishing.


  • Ways to fish with those lures

Chuggers are the slow moving lures. You simply attach the line to one of the chuggers and let it out in the water to float. After that you yank your rod in order to pull the lure in such a way that the mouth of it turn up to the water’s surface, thus creating a pop sound which produces water bubble over it. Some chuggers are designed with a big mouth to produce a big bubble and vice versa.

This lure is titled as “Walkers” because you have to walk them around the surface. The play is carried out by wrenching the rod tip repeatedly with your wrist so that the lure gets into a zigzag motion. This gesture spreads a wave of disturbance on the surface resulting in a fish-bait.


  • The best time of the day to fish

Weather conditions greatly affect your fishing performance.

As fish are cold-blooded they tend to hang out in colder conditions while they remain dull in a warmer environment. In top-water bass fishing, the best time to find the greatest amount of catch is in the late spring season and into fall months (summer season is also ideal). In this time period, the fish are looking for food as their metabolism rate gets geared up so clutching them into your lure is comparatively easy.

Similarly, fishing in low-light conditions like dawn or dusk are best to get the greatest catches.

 Good luck and Fish on!