Level 2 Membership

Level 2 Membership

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Level 2 Benefits

  • Pick any two baits every month
  • Mix and match
  • 0/3 Bass hooks and 1/4 bullet weights available for substitution
  • Free shipping on any order 
  • Rollover baits
  • VIP Pre-order access
  • 12 Month membership 

How it works

  • Every month You gets to pick from over 100 baits. 
  • Just text us the name of the baits you want and within 24 hours will have it shipped.
  • Free shipping 
  • (Rollover) If you do not place an order one month no worries the baits roll over to the next month 
  • Rollovers expire every 12th month 
  • 12 Month membership 
  • Upgrade membership anytime
  • Downgrade membership after 12 months 
  • (No refunds) There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into creating your account.